What is it about CASH that Govt Doesn’t Like

Actually the bottom line is all about control.  So, now that we established that as the basis for Governments to be against CASH, let’s work forward.

Why would they be instrumental is wanting and promoting the eliminate CASH?  As far as data is concerned, they can not track your interests, know what you buy or identify what kind of profile that you fit into.  With their desire to pigeonhole each of us they through the use of credit cartds can track our movements, our interests, our purchases and how much wealth we may or may not have.

Why would they continue to fly by the seat of their pants and ignore the obvious ability to learn more about our likes, dislikes and other factors that could identify our patriotism, allegiance or level of subserviance?   Now while there probably  will be a number of individuals  who will remain contently oblivious to these considerations, there still will be some who will pass this off as conspiracy theory.

So, what will be the end result? Will CASH become a thing of the past or maybe people go back to barter or even using other items of value that are convenient to carry?  Any way you look at it, someone wants to controlo you, ya think?



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